Winnie Brennan

Winnie is the eighteen year old great granddaughter of Peggy Carter. She has long blonde hair, black rimmed glasses and Synesthesia.


Stronger synesthesia than most have, being able to see the colours of where someone is before they notice her. Blonde hair and black glasses. Winnie is average height although many tell her she is short. She like vintage things, although she does love her tumblr.


Before she was born, Winnie’s father was drafted into war only to be killed in combat. Her mother died at birth. When she was four, Winnie started talking about the colours all around her. and at the age of nine she was institutionalized by her Aunt and Uncle. When institutionalized they gave her a surgery that didn’t “cure” her, it only made her colours stronger. Winnie has since found out that what she has is Synesthesia, but a stronger form that most have. She lives with this in the apartment that she rents in New York. While the colours around her help with her art, it also has another useful ability. Seeing where people are by the colour of their words is very helpful when trying to catch those who are not where they are supposed to be…

Winnie Brennan

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