Eden Nazari

A young man, aka The Blue Demon.


Though his father comes from Egypt, his skin hardly has a tint to it. His hair is dark brown and very short, and a bit grows on his upper lip as well as his chin. Though he isn’t bulky, his body’s muscles are toned from his time spent within a bonded Symbiote (Klyntar).

When in costume, his deep blue Symbiote fully covers his body. The classic white pattern envelopes the area his eyes should be, and swirling tribal patterns cover his chest and back like a series of demonic runes. Most of the time, he has no mouth, but he can form and open one to be gigantic, covered in sharp teeth, and holding a lengthy terrifying tongue.

When it isn’t being used, the Symbiote disguises as his clothing. But when he becomes the Demon, he is able to perform a variety of feats achievable by those who choose to bond with the alien species. He can stretch, eject disposable tissue, and his strength, stamina, endurance, and speed are greatly amplified.

Just like other Symbiotes, the creature is highly susceptible to large vibrations and intense heat.


Eden was born in Kelowna, Canada. His life was ordinary up until he turned seventeen and graduated from highschool. On a walk, he ran into a strange dark blue puddle that he swore was moving. He approached it, and it dashed towards him, enveloping his body in its tendrils until it consumed him entirely.

He flashed back to reality, but his body felt odd. He was stronger and faster, but he also felt another being in his mind. It whispered to him, and it urged him to leap and punch and kick and throw things around. It fed off his adrenaline, and it wanted to feed more and more.

Over a lengthy period of time, he fought with the creature’s influence. It made him feel violent, but it also allowed him to help people in need. He stopped robberies, muggings, and all sorts of crime in the blue suit.

He eventually decided to move to New York City after hearing about all the super powered people that might be more welcoming of his condition. Since then, he’s been slowly winning the fight over the suit’s violent nature. Eventually, they came to a mutual agreement and they fully bonded together.

Eden Nazari

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