Kenneth Davies

Short and slender hooded man, dressed in purple.


Kenneth is adorned in fancy looking garb the colour of purple. His face is rarely seen behind the grinning white mask he wears in public at all times, capped with a purple hood that’s tapered to a point at the center. He’s a rather short man at 5’4", and has a slender build, leaving him with remarkable flexibility and agility.


Kenneth was born in England during the industrial revolution. When Kenneth turned seventeen, he started to exhibit remarkable magical abilities that no one in his family could explain the origin for. Shunned by his peers and family, he ran away from home. After taking refuge in an abandoned school house, in an emotional outburst Kenneth unleashed a powerful blue cyclone in the foyer of the building, and to his shock, the cyclone did not damage the building around it, but instead began pulling him inside. Once Kenneth was through the Cyclone, he found himself in the Nomad’s Burrow.

He shortly joined The Vigil, represented by the large metal plate attached to his waist guard with what looks like a tornado imprinted onto it.

At Kenneth’s center, he is driven to cause mischief and laughter. Perhaps to make up for the lack of happiness in his household growing up, he wishes to cause cheer where ever he may go, often causing quite a mess only to realize such after the fact.

Kenneth Davies

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