Jack Pine

Shaggy, lanky, but smells of nature.


Incredibly tall and lanky, Jack Pine stood at least a head above the average male. With a pale complexion, and long shaggy hair, he looked quite fitting for New York’s atmosphere. He might look entirely unwashed, with his hair nearly matted in places, he smelled quite the opposite. A gentle smell of trees, sap, pine and the aromas of nature gave him quite the unusual thing. This all was assuming Jack was seen in his more normalized form.

In the unusual instance, usually midfight, Jack was able to change his form into that of an utterly massive Willow tree, which was the source of his nickname, Weeping Willow. Many branches hung off his body, which still had a humanoid-looking face set into it. Often in this form, he’s mistaken for the infamous Treebeard of the Lord of the Rings universe, that to this day, he still does not understand. In this unusual shape, Jack was incredibly strong, capable of easily lifting a small, four door car, and throwing it. Though, most fights ended before they started when he was around.

He was also capable of many different abilities, most of these restricted to his more natural form. First and foremost, his go-to ability, was growing and throwing fist-sized acorns. With his strength, it would feel like being hit by a shotgun loaded with a non-lethal beanbag. He was also quite fond of the next ability, one that kept him going for many, many years. He could, in a way, restore most all wounds, even the loss of an arm or other limb. It took time, however, but it was effective. This left good ol’ Jack nearly eternal, as this also affected his aging. The last notable trait Jack had in his arsenal was quite unique. The ability to channel the Sun’s power, and direct it as a focused laser towards a target. This, of course, required him to be out of doors, in the suns light. Photosynthesis on steroids.


Born long ago, Jack Pine, or Weeping Willow, was quite the unusual case of a mutated individual. He was, strangely enough, born a tree, in a secluded forest in one of America’s many national parks. He was created by a meteor, potentially making him an alien, but who knows. This meteor was enveloped in Willow’s roots, causing him to eventually take to a higher standing of intelligence and awareness. It took him many long years to understand where he was, and what he was. Even how to control his powers. Eventually he understood, and understood further that he, as something beyond humanity, would be hunted for what he was. He remained in different state parks for many long years until the modern day, when he has finally entered humanity, pretending to play along, for whatever purposes.

Jack’s motives seem quite unusual, and often place him between the lines of good and evil. He wishes to preserve nature in any way he can, even if that means terrorizing those that are tearing down jungles and forests for humanities gain. These tasks undergone by Jack, being quick and deadly, and outright unusual and supernatural, left him quite the myth to live up to. Even in this day and age, with everyone having a camera in their pockets, and access to the internet, most photography and recordings of Willow were quite vague, showing a large tree in an unusual place, and that’s it. The modern day Bigfoot, truly.

All of this together, expecially with SHIELD’s new motives of finding and indexing as many superhumans as they can manage, left Jack reclusive. He rarely found himself in his larger form, working his simple day job, and trying to learn of humanity with his close friend, Guss.

Jack Pine

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