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  • Edgar Petrovich Zavrazin

    This man was discovered by Jack Pine, aka The Weeping Willow, while him and his allies were holding people hostage. Luckily, the hostages were saved, and the man was beaten. However, Jack discovered the man's strange robotic insides during the fight, and …

  • Phillip Liam Guss

    He was born and raised in New York City, and works as a realtor while making investments on the side. Only months ago, he met Jack Pine and discovered his strange secret, but eventually become close friends. Now he aids Jack financially, but also in many …

  • Amy Sinclair

    Originally from Hicksville, she moved to northern Brooklyn to take computer science classes.

  • Doctor Paul Yates

    Not much is known about where he comes from, but he stays mostly within his underground laboratory.

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