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(OOC) Story So Far
Catch yourself up on the story!

Currently in the timeline, it’s the year 2016, and the Civil War occurred a few months before. Enhanced people are still being tracked down to become indexed by the government of the United States of America, and some have fled to Canada to avoid this. Though some theorize that soon Canada will adopt the Superhuman Registration Act as well.

Unknown to most, a man called Jack Pine, who is also secretly The Weeping Willow, discovered a hostage situation led by the Russian man Edgar Zavrazin. After discovering his robotic insides, he beat and captured him before fleeing the scene. He then found his way to where the man was staying, and discovered a very odd piece of technology.

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Newspaper Article
An actual article your character might have read.

Brooklyn Heights Hostages

Last night, an explosion was heard beneath a hotel in southern Brooklyn Heights. There were no casualties, but when police arrived, several men and women were freed from what’s assumed to be a Russian street gang. The ringleader, Edgar Zavrazin, was arrested along with three accomplices.

For reasons unknown, all of these men were knocked unconscious and their arms were bound. Investigations are being performed on the scene, but as of right now, no evidence of a traditional explosive has been found. We managed to talk with the young women and escapee Janice Leclerc.

“It was a gigantic tree. It was gigantic and terrifying, but it saved us all somehow. I swear I’m not crazy. Just ask the others. We all saw the same monster.”

More on the subject will be relayed as it’s discovered.

(OOC) Winnie vs. The Lion
Elena's character hears something strange.

At the apartment complex where Winnie Brennan lives, odd sounds were heard in the home directly beneath her own. She saw the colours of a few different people, and there seemed to be conflict, so she went down to investigate. Luckily for her, her gift allowed her to notice three men inside—two standing guard, and one bound in the back.

She came in and incapacitated one of the men with a knife to his thigh, but in front of her was the criminal Lewis Yarnell. Not only did he have a baseball bat, but he was gigantic and strong compared to her. During the fight, she slipped her knife to the captured man so that he could make his escape. She was sadly hit a couple times during the scrap, but in the end, she managed to call the police which arrived just in time.

Before the criminal could escape, Amy Sinclair arrived to tase him. The police soon took him away, leaving Winnie to meet this new girl.

As she prepared for bed, she overheard the criminal speak once more. He mentioned that he just wanted to go home, and that someone promised him something.

(OOC) Kenneth, Jack, and Winnie
The three finally meet.

After witnessing the strange explosion beneath a hotel in Brooklyn Heights, Winnie Brennan did what she does best—tracking. She eventually followed the trail of Jack Pine to an old warehouse at the docks. While she was sneaking around, she ran into the prankster Kenneth Davies covering the area with white paint in hopes of causing a little mischief. They started to speak and introduced themselves to each other.

Meanwhile, Jack was talking to his friend Phillip Liam Guss about the strange bit of technology he discovered, and much to their surprise, it actually bit poor Guss on the finger. But they heard the talking outside, and went to investigate.

Kenneth spoke of him and the Cerberus Vigil. Much to only Winnie’s dismay, Jack exploded a can of paint and covered them all, ruining the girl’s expensive camera. She stormed off, and the rest separated as well.

A strange figure watched them from a distance.

(OOC) The Cat
Jack receives unexpected help.

On Jack Pine’s way home, he saw a strange stumbling man down an alley. He stared to grip his own head, and ramble about his own pain, and that something was consuming him. In the midst of a scrap, the man started to grow wires from his wounds, leading Jack to have to crush him against the ground with a giant wooden foot.

Taking a few of the wires for research, Jack started his way home before running into the notorious criminal Felicia Hardy. They came to an agreement, and both returned to Jack’s hideout before discussing future plans.

For one reason or another, she decided to help him with the addresses of a couple brilliant but off-the-record scientists. He was happy, though Winnie Brennan didn’t seem to care much for Black Cat’s constant teasing.

(OOC) The Raid
Winnie and Jack take the offensive.

The worst had happened. Phillip Liam Guss was kidnapped by the enemy. With the help of Amy Sinclair, both Jack Pine and Winnie Brennan were able to track down the location. Though, it was heavily guarded by more than just regular men.

Jack fought through a wave of criminals before brawling against yet another partially robotic super fighter. It was difficult, but he managed to detonate the man from within and halt the danger.

They finally found Guss locked in a cage, but the alien techno-organic virus had already begun affecting him.

(OOC) The Demon
Jack and Winnie run into another powered individual.

After the chaos, Winnie Brennan ran off to find yelp via their mutual acquaintance Doctor Paul Yates. Reluctantly, he agreed to help out Phillip Liam Guss. They left Guss within the doctor’s care and departed, much to the relief of Yates. He was never a social man.

On their way home, Jack Pine and Winnie heard a series of screeches and crashing metals. Three, they not only ran into both Skitch Benson and Lewis Yarnell, but a series of armed criminals. They were all in heated combat with Eden Nazari, AKA The Blue Demon.

Blue showed off his strange powers of extending limbs, and the firing of a sticky substance, while both him and Jack dealt with the criminals. Meanwhile, Winnie managed to rescue a dog who she quickly named Pizza.

After a terrifying show of Blue’s sharp-toothed mouth, which soon disappeared once more, the three introduced themselves to each other and decided to meet back up at Jack’s home the next day to discuss what happened. Clearly, some kind of gang activity was occurring, but nothing was properly adding up.

(OOC) Behind the Glasses
Amy reveals a secret.

Amy Sinclair visited Winnie Brennan one day, which isn’t all that strange. They lived only a few apartments down from each other. However, she asked Winnie nicely if she can come with her to visit a friend named Riley. Both him and Amy wanted to know more about what Winnie’s been involved with for some reason.

When they arrived at the hideout, Winnie continued to worry, but it was all revealed eventually. Riley and Amy were both agents of SHIELD, looking into the strange case of Skitch Benson and Lewis Yarnell, and also Eden Nazari, who was an unregistered person with some kind of superhuman powers. They tried to convince her to help them, but she surprisingly declined. Or perhaps unsurprisingly, given the strangeness of the situation. She just couldn’t trust them.

Blue ended up catching Winnie on her way home, and they began to discuss the strange happenings. They tried to speak, though realised quickly that they were being watched. After a series of events, they found the location of the bug and met up at a vacant location to speak of all that happened.

Meanwhile, Riley Browning and Amy look into a note thrust into Riley’s pocket, threatening them to stop digging. It was written in blood.

(OOC) The Technarchy
The fall of Edgar.

With Eden Nazari and Jack Pine ready to raid the found location, they ran into a girl with strange powers. They weren’t sure if she was telekinetic, but objects flew through the air, and aided in their assault. Her name was Dr. Dodie Hooper.

They found a staircase going extremely deep underground, where they found a laboratory with a gigantic tank filled with what looked like the remains of a robotic monster. It was their assumption that this was the main headquarters of this small but deadly Technarchy-worshipping organization.

The three of them dispersed the guards—the cyborg ones as well. Finally, Jack met with Edgar Petrovich Zavrazin once more. Presumably, he led this endeavour. He wanted to “upgrade” people and have them serve either him, or something greater. They never found out, as Jack obliterated the man when given the chance, and luckily before the giant tank was shattered.

They gathered as many papers as possible before a self-destruct was activated. Dodie and Jack sprinted back out, while Blue used all his strength to drag every last living creature out of the lab and to the streets just seconds before the house went up in flames.

(OOC) Even Stranger
Just when they thought things couldn't get more odd.

Jack Pine, Eden Nazari, and later Winnie Brennan meet up and discuss what to do next. They’ve only figured out a few things, like how The Unicorn and The Lion have absolutely no record of their existence. Also, something about a Cloaked Man.

While they were joking, and imitating, Winnie made a joke about being a little girl with daddy issues in an insane asylum, which finally brought out the voice of someone who’d been watching them.

A bug planted on Pizza emits a woman’s voice with a New Jersey style accent. She mocks them, and ultimately does nothing but cease talking, leaving them with a tiny speaker in the shape of smiling lips.

Blue and Jack decide on a location to investigate and meet up at sundown, but when they arrive, they find a home where only a single middle-aged man lived. Confused, they both left, assuming nothing was amiss.

But when Jack prepared his bed for the night, a figure came into view. It was a man completely covered in a brown cloak and hood, seeming to flicker in and out of existence. Jack mocked and threatened him, so the Cloaked Man slide his entire arm straight through Jack’s stomach and left him.

In a last ditch effort, Jack dialed Amy Sinclair’s number, and started to black out.


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