Dr. Dodie Hooper

Brown, wildly curly hair and dark eyes.


Dodie has wild, curly brown hair and dark eyes. While she is of average height, she generally wears high heels.
She is English and finds it tedious when others mention that.
She is blunt and unable to tell when she has hurt another feelings


Dr. Dodie Hooper is a forensic pathologist at Metro-General Hospital in New York. She graduated at 14, and at 25 she is one of the best in the city. She is married to her best friend David Hooper, who is also gay, for tax benefits.
She was born to her mother, Josephine Clementine in London, England in 1991. Her mother had been one of Tony Starks one night stands, though Dodie had never been told that.[[File:571357 | class=media-item-align-none | tumblr_ns5xv0IA0P1sfnn0mo2_540.png]]
Dodie is telekinetic, along with having been trained in taekwondo and jujitsu. She generally does yoga in the mornings

Dr. Dodie Hooper

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