Marvel Universe Roleplay

(OOC) The Demon

Jack and Winnie run into another powered individual.

After the chaos, Winnie Brennan ran off to find yelp via their mutual acquaintance Doctor Paul Yates. Reluctantly, he agreed to help out Phillip Liam Guss. They left Guss within the doctor’s care and departed, much to the relief of Yates. He was never a social man.

On their way home, Jack Pine and Winnie heard a series of screeches and crashing metals. Three, they not only ran into both Skitch Benson and Lewis Yarnell, but a series of armed criminals. They were all in heated combat with Eden Nazari, AKA The Blue Demon.

Blue showed off his strange powers of extending limbs, and the firing of a sticky substance, while both him and Jack dealt with the criminals. Meanwhile, Winnie managed to rescue a dog who she quickly named Pizza.

After a terrifying show of Blue’s sharp-toothed mouth, which soon disappeared once more, the three introduced themselves to each other and decided to meet back up at Jack’s home the next day to discuss what happened. Clearly, some kind of gang activity was occurring, but nothing was properly adding up.


NinErik NinErik

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