Marvel Universe Roleplay

(OOC) Winnie vs. The Lion

Elena's character hears something strange.

At the apartment complex where Winnie Brennan lives, odd sounds were heard in the home directly beneath her own. She saw the colours of a few different people, and there seemed to be conflict, so she went down to investigate. Luckily for her, her gift allowed her to notice three men inside—two standing guard, and one bound in the back.

She came in and incapacitated one of the men with a knife to his thigh, but in front of her was the criminal Lewis Yarnell. Not only did he have a baseball bat, but he was gigantic and strong compared to her. During the fight, she slipped her knife to the captured man so that he could make his escape. She was sadly hit a couple times during the scrap, but in the end, she managed to call the police which arrived just in time.

Before the criminal could escape, Amy Sinclair arrived to tase him. The police soon took him away, leaving Winnie to meet this new girl.

As she prepared for bed, she overheard the criminal speak once more. He mentioned that he just wanted to go home, and that someone promised him something.


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