Marvel Universe Roleplay

(OOC) The Technarchy

The fall of Edgar.

With Eden Nazari and Jack Pine ready to raid the found location, they ran into a girl with strange powers. They weren’t sure if she was telekinetic, but objects flew through the air, and aided in their assault. Her name was Dr. Dodie Hooper.

They found a staircase going extremely deep underground, where they found a laboratory with a gigantic tank filled with what looked like the remains of a robotic monster. It was their assumption that this was the main headquarters of this small but deadly Technarchy-worshipping organization.

The three of them dispersed the guards—the cyborg ones as well. Finally, Jack met with Edgar Petrovich Zavrazin once more. Presumably, he led this endeavour. He wanted to “upgrade” people and have them serve either him, or something greater. They never found out, as Jack obliterated the man when given the chance, and luckily before the giant tank was shattered.

They gathered as many papers as possible before a self-destruct was activated. Dodie and Jack sprinted back out, while Blue used all his strength to drag every last living creature out of the lab and to the streets just seconds before the house went up in flames.


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