Marvel Universe Roleplay

(OOC) The Cat

Jack receives unexpected help.

On Jack Pine’s way home, he saw a strange stumbling man down an alley. He stared to grip his own head, and ramble about his own pain, and that something was consuming him. In the midst of a scrap, the man started to grow wires from his wounds, leading Jack to have to crush him against the ground with a giant wooden foot.

Taking a few of the wires for research, Jack started his way home before running into the notorious criminal Felicia Hardy. They came to an agreement, and both returned to Jack’s hideout before discussing future plans.

For one reason or another, she decided to help him with the addresses of a couple brilliant but off-the-record scientists. He was happy, though Winnie Brennan didn’t seem to care much for Black Cat’s constant teasing.


NinErik NinErik

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