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The updated universe.

Not long ago, the second Civil War occurred. The Superhuman Registration Act has slowly faded away, a few super heroes have sadly fallen, such as Bruce Banner (The Hulk) and Logan (Wolverine), but other than that, the world has fallen once again to a likely short-lived peace. The Avengers, led by Sam Wilson (Captain America) has regained their strength, even with a bunch of members leaving for various reasons. And with the Terrigen Mist disaster dispersed, the mutant school known as the Xavier Institute for Mutant Education and Outreach has appeared in Central Park, NYC. Director Maria Hill was put in charge of SHIELD once again as well.

This RP takes place in an alternate universe of Marvel Comics roughly around the end of the Civil War II storyline, but before the Secret Empire storyline.


NinErik NinErik

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