Marvel Universe Roleplay

(OOC) Kenneth, Jack, and Winnie

The three finally meet.

After witnessing the strange explosion beneath a hotel in Brooklyn Heights, Winnie Brennan did what she does best—tracking. She eventually followed the trail of Jack Pine to an old warehouse at the docks. While she was sneaking around, she ran into the prankster Kenneth Davies covering the area with white paint in hopes of causing a little mischief. They started to speak and introduced themselves to each other.

Meanwhile, Jack was talking to his friend Phillip Liam Guss about the strange bit of technology he discovered, and much to their surprise, it actually bit poor Guss on the finger. But they heard the talking outside, and went to investigate.

Kenneth spoke of him and the Cerberus Vigil. Much to only Winnie’s dismay, Jack exploded a can of paint and covered them all, ruining the girl’s expensive camera. She stormed off, and the rest separated as well.

A strange figure watched them from a distance.


NinErik NinErik

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