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(OOC) Behind the Glasses

Amy reveals a secret.

Amy Sinclair visited Winnie Brennan one day, which isn’t all that strange. They lived only a few apartments down from each other. However, she asked Winnie nicely if she can come with her to visit a friend named Riley. Both him and Amy wanted to know more about what Winnie’s been involved with for some reason.

When they arrived at the hideout, Winnie continued to worry, but it was all revealed eventually. Riley and Amy were both agents of SHIELD, looking into the strange case of Skitch Benson and Lewis Yarnell, and also Eden Nazari, who was an unregistered person with some kind of superhuman powers. They tried to convince her to help them, but she surprisingly declined. Or perhaps unsurprisingly, given the strangeness of the situation. She just couldn’t trust them.

Blue ended up catching Winnie on her way home, and they began to discuss the strange happenings. They tried to speak, though realised quickly that they were being watched. After a series of events, they found the location of the bug and met up at a vacant location to speak of all that happened.

Meanwhile, Riley Browning and Amy look into a note thrust into Riley’s pocket, threatening them to stop digging. It was written in blood.


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