Marvel Universe Roleplay

(OOC) Assembling

More characters enter the scene.

Far from NYC was a young man named Mordecai and there he lived with his only friend Billy. Any friends he did have disappeared from his life after he discovered his powers, as is sometimes the way of things. Some people find it too strange or scary. With his ability to control water, he fought off a burning, hulking man that tried to hurt him and Billy. That’s when he met Storm and Beast of the X-Men and discovered he was in fact a mutant as well. He agreed to their proposition of him leaving to NYC and joining their academy.

Meanwhile, a country boy named Bruce lived on a ranch a couple hours north of NYC. He knew he was a mutant, and other than saving some folks years ago during an earthquake, he decided to live a tame life with his siblings and parents. But one day, two hulking men with wires beneath their flesh barged into his barn. He met up with Nikki, a paranormal investigator who was tracking one of the men, and together they left for NYC to investigate this scenario further.

Riley, the SHIELD agent, heard of the struggle and assumed it was Bruce that was causing the issues. He looked into it, and eventually met up with Nikki to speak on the matter.


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