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An actual article your character might have read.

Brooklyn Heights Hostages

Last night, an explosion was heard beneath a hotel in southern Brooklyn Heights. There were no casualties, but when police arrived, several men and women were freed from what’s assumed to be a Russian street gang. The ringleader, Edgar Zavrazin, was arrested along with three accomplices.

For reasons unknown, all of these men were knocked unconscious and their arms were bound. Investigations are being performed on the scene, but as of right now, no evidence of a traditional explosive has been found. We managed to talk with the young women and escapee Janice Leclerc.

“It was a gigantic tree. It was gigantic and terrifying, but it saved us all somehow. I swear I’m not crazy. Just ask the others. We all saw the same monster.”

More on the subject will be relayed as it’s discovered.


NinErik NinErik

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