Welcome to the MU RP information site!

Anything can exist within the Marvel universe. You can play aliens, mutates, mutants, inhumans, and more. There additionally may be reference to the DC Comics universe characters (combining it as a part of the multiverse, just exceptionally hard to access), though only slightly. It’s majorly a Marvel RP. If you want to be from that other universe, message me first. It’s not meant to be a common thing, as the universes are so vastly different in many ways, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t doable.

For my lovely friends, if you sign up, I can invite you, and then you can be free to edit your characters at your leisure.

Click here to view an under-construction map of points of interest, like character homes.

If you’re still lost, click the Wiki link on the sidebar.

Marvel Universe Roleplay

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